Close up from an early software / hardware test for our Hoxton Hall app [image: Peter Worth]

The Technology

Building on the success of TlotT we have designed a new App for A Collection of Small Choices at Hoxton Hall. The App is called SmallChoices, and is now available for both Apple and Android devices.

Over the last 2 years we have established how the various disciplines of our creative team can inform our work for Hoxton Hall. Pete, Theo and Dave came up with a basic technology framework in response to the ways that Hannah, Jonathan and Matt were interested in building on artistic strategies from previous projects. We found that text, sound design, lighting, music and technology informed each other in many – and sometimes unpredictable – ways (meaning there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing).

Consequently we ran extensive hardware and software tests, prior to installing everything on site. Then began the painstaking process of testing in situ, and adjusting the detail. Beta-testing is fairly standard in the digital world for new Apps, games and other technology, but in the arts world we tend to deliver a finished product for an audience. Perhaps there’s a parallel between the last stage of beta-testing, and a 'preview' period.

Finally, we ended up with a beautifully 'skinned' mobile app. Our SmallChoices App delivers sound content to audiences via their own technology (the latest Apple or Android smartphones, as well as iPod touch, iPad, and Android tablets). Unlike the TlotT App, SmallChoices can also control lights in specific areas. Audiences can also progress through the piece at their own speed and engage in limited (or perhaps small), choices! After all, Hoxton Hall is a working building.

SmallChoices makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and we are very grateful to a research grant from the University of York to develop this part of the project. We still ask visitors for feedback, and of course we will need to put out updates at intervals, to fix any bugs. So do keep an eye out for updates once you’ve downloaded the app.


Click on the relevant link below to download the appropriate SmallChoices app for your operating system:

SmallChoices on Apple's app store (iOS devices)

SmallChoices on Google Play (Android devices)

image of funders logos: Hannah Bruce and Company; Hoxton Hall; Supported using public funding by Arts Council England; Heritage Lottery Fund; The University of York

[last updated: 4 March 2016]