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Hannah Bruce and Company - 'Cosi-Cosi' Image of Vuyo Mgijima by Gregory Franz (Bloem Street, Cape Town 2014).

Vuyo Mgijima [image: Gregory Franz]

Cosi-Cosi is an atmospheric encounter with some of Cape Town’s streets, for Infecting the City 2014.

From the green space of Company Gardens to the urban Bloem street, imagine your own personal Guardjie calling out the city’s secret depths; wrap yourself in the bricks and mortar of the cityscape; and open your ears to the sea of voices lapping the mountain’s sides.

What you need:

i) A smart phone, tablet computer, or portable mp3 player.

ii) A pair of headphones

[A limited number of headphones and preloaded mp3 players can be borrowed from 6 Spin Street, 12:00-16:15 during Infecting the City, 11-14 March 2014.]

Before you begin:

If you are using your own audio device, you will need to download the soundtrack onto your smartphone or mp3 player when you have an internet connection. (The file is 56MB)

mp3 download:


Smartphone / tablet computer / iPod touch users:

Before downloading the soundtrack you will need the free TlotT App. Please select the relevant download link for your device below:

TlotT on the App store for Apple devices

TlotT App on Google Play

Once you have downloaded the TlotT App:
[1] Ensure you have an internet connection
[2] Open the TlotT App
[3] On the home screen select "Events"
[4] On the Events screen select "Add new ticket code".
[5] Enter the code cosicosi
[6] Go to the corner of Government Avenue and Wale Street (Cape Town), plug in your headphones, press play and follow the instructions.

[Download a copy of the flyer and instructions here.]


Cnr of Government Avenue and Wale Street, Cape Town
Latitude: -33.92494 / Longitude: 18.419978

Audio Journey

An audio journey through Cape Town’s city centre, Cosi-Cosi takes audiences on a 30 minute walking tour and juxtaposes contemporary observations of the cityscape with imagined landscapes informed by traditional non-urban understandings of environments.


We also made three short audio trailers which were released in the days come up to Infecting the City 2014. You can listen to them and download them below (they work best with headphones):

Production Credits

Created for: Infecting the City (Cape Town)

Co-directors and project co-ordinators: Hannah Bruce and Vuyo Mgijima

Sound design: Jonathan Eato

Composition: Sazi Dlamini and Jonathan Eato

Musicians: Chris Antonio, Sazi Dlamini, Simon Goulding, Emile Jansen, and Vuyo Mgijima

Rhymes: Emile Jansen

San Rapper: Chris Antonio

Poet: Nunke Kadhimo

Narrator: Melanie Scholtz

Photography: Gregory Franz

Project co-ordinator for !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre: Ivan Vaalbooi

Contributors include:

Mohamed Khalif Gulliey, Darryl Paul, Babalwa Happiness, David Jonas, Nomangesi Dasheka, Soraya Naidoo, Markus Moon, Henrietta Dax, Noluthando Mahleza, Isabel Essery, Ebrahim Nazier.

Project Development

This project has been developed thanks to the Artists’ International Development Fund, which is a jointly funded programme between the British Council and Arts Council England. The fund offers early stage development opportunities for individual freelance and self employed artists based in England to spend time building links with artists, organisations and/or creative producers in another country.

Infecting the City (Cape Town 2014)
!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre