I never met my great grandmother Nora...

... but she hovers around the edges of my mother’s memory.

A tiny woman, she died when my mam was about 7. She remembers her baby teeth coming out at the time.

Our Line brings you the real and imagined stories of the people from towns along the Bishop Line, in exactly the time it takes a train to go from Darlington to Bishop Auckland.

Get a ticket, follow its instructions to download the app and relax into their world through your headphones.

Dates and Times:

Whenever you choose!

(duration 35 mins)

AGE: any age, although recommended for ages 11+

TICKETS: FREE: for a ticket code, email ourlinetickets@gmail.com


Your headphones & mobile device (phone or tablet)

TlotT App

To hear the story, you'll need to download HB&Co’s TlotT App onto your smartphone, tablet, or iPod. When you book, you will be sent a ticket code to enter into TlotT along with detailed information about 'Our Line'.

Please note, you will also need a pair of headphones.

How to:




Writer and Artistic Director for HB&Co: Hannah Bruce

Sound: Jonathan Eato

Voices: Jade Byrne and Helen Longworth

iOS Development: Peter Worth

Android Development: Theo Burt

Project Coordinator: Kirsten Yates

Executive Producer: Luxi Theatre

Supported by: Northern, the Bishop Line Community Rail Partnership, and the University of York

[last updated: 23 November 2020]

Composite image of logos for 'Our Line' - 4 logos: [clockwise from top left] A Jabberwocky Market Pop Up Theatre Event; Luxi Creative; Hannah Bruce and Company; The University of York.