Edward Jessen's Minghella Dialogues [image: James Berry]


I am a freelance producer and project manager. I work with artists who are thoughtful, energetic creators of performance - spectacular, beautiful, always inspirational.

I focus on contemporary dance, circus, theatre and highly visual performance work across a range of scales: from Circolombia's Urban inspiring audiences with heart-stopping acrobatics and a gritty street aesthetic, to film-maker Rachel Davies' They Tuck You Up Your Mum and Dad an interactive dance film installation with live performance for adults, and children.

My passion is working across artforms, especially in an inter-disciplinary context. I enjoy charting the creative process, and supporting artists to make work that is better than they dreamed it could be. Witnessing excellent performance is an essential, ephemeral and life-shaping experience - imprinted on the memory and enriching the imagination.

What I bring to the projects I work on