[image: Jonathan Eato]

Is a home a physical place? An emotional place? Is it a nation?

Here, at Home was a project performed at the US Gallery buildings in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa, in August 2008.


It was a promenade performance taking place through a series of rooms, including the old de-consecrated church which is run as an art gallery by Stellenbosch University.

The project used ideas of 'home' (English), 'huis' (Afrikaans) and 'ikhaya' (isiXhosa) to explore and communicate cultural differences in the way different people think about their homes in the Western Cape.

Personal Testimonials

Based on personal testimonials, stories, and reminiscences, the performances evoked a subtle and very personal exploration of different senses of home, and the public history that has helped formulate these experiences. Using dance, theatre, poetry, visual imagery, sound design and original composition created especially for the show, the performances alluded to historical issues of forced removal from homes in Stellenbosch, alongside personal accounts of the xenophobic attacks. Most of all this was a celebration of our homes, and the different ways we attempt to construct a safe, secure space in our lives.

Stellenbosch University and Stellenbosch Municipality were proud supporters of this project.