Supported using public funding by Arts Council England
The Claim - Hannah Bruce and Company. Image by James Abbott-Donnelly. Rock Void, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, 2014.

[image: James Abbott-Donnelly]

This building is full of secrets, whispered into cracks in the wall. Around hidden corners, dreams surge against the rocks. This building is the product of your imagination.

The Claim is an atmospheric encounter with West Yorkshire Playhouse's hidden spaces. Glimpse the subterranean depths of the theatre; wrap yourself in bricks and mortar; and stake your claim to a place of your own imagining.

Using our bespoke TlotT App, you're invited to explore a building you thought you knew, uncover its deepest secrets and be amazed at what lies behind closed doors.

Performance Dates:

28-30 March 2014
(multiple performances each day)

TlotT App:

The Claim utilised HB&Co's TlotT App to deliver sound to audiences as they travelled round the hidden spaces of West Yorkshire Playhouse. Audiences downloaded TlotT onto their smartphones, tablets or iPods, entered their ticket codes and TlotT did the rest.

[Download a copy of the instructions here.]

Location: WYP

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds. LS2 7UP.

Audio Journey:

The Claim was a 45 minute audio journey that also featured live performance. HB&Co's TlotT App was also used to co-ordinate and cue performers in different parts of the building.

Production Credits

Commissioned by West Yorkshire Playhouse, in association with Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Director: Hannah Bruce

Composer / Sound design: Jonathan Eato

Writer: Matthew Morrison

App development: Peter Worth

Android Conversion: Theo Burt

Rehearsal Director and Choreographic Advisor: Sophie Arstall

Live performers: Sophie Arstall, Ellie Gavin, Gina Hill, Sam Lawrence

Soundtrack performers: Victoria Bernath (viola), Jonathan Eato (saxophone), Simon Goulding (bass), Helen Longworth (voice), Beau Stocker (percussion)

Rehearsal assistant: Anna Dominian

Thanks to the University of York for supporting this project, and to the team at West Yorkshire Playhouse, in particular Amy Letman and Suzi Cubbage.

The Claim was commissioned from Hannah Bruce and Company by West Yorkshire Playhouse in association with Northern School of Contemporary Dance.
Hannah Bruce and Company would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Department of Music at The University of York.