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Rachel Davies The Light Garden

They Tuck You Up...

In 2012-13, I worked as producer with artist and filmmaker Rachel Davies who is creating an interactive dance film installation for adults, and children.

They Tuck You Up Your Mum and Dad is a layered, visceral experience exploring control, responsibility, anxiety, and letting go; how patterns of behaviour are mirrored and passed down generations. It is an opportunity for adult audience members to engage meaningfully with art in the company of children.

For children, invited as active, unpredictable audience, it is a space full of interactive possibility; their interventions inadvertently influencing the story and meaning itself.

They Tuck You Up Your Mum and Dad - a new work about familial interdependency featuring film and live performance - is both a personal response to the thunderbolt of new parenthood, and a desire to connect contemporary art with family life.