I was Mark Murphy's producer for his R&D project Take a Deep Breath. This project is in development, and initial sketches of the animation and performance were shown at Warwick Arts Centre through a Trigger commission in July 2011.

Take A Deep Breath

...is a collaboration between director and writer Mark Murphy, performer and associate artist Simone Jenkinson, counter-weighter and head rigger Barnz Munn, sound designer Nathaniel Reed, audio visual consultant and associate artist Joseph Traynor, and David Prosser of major animation company Studio AKA. The project explores potential for a new, theatre-based aerial show supported by the 'Trigger' commission at Warwick Arts Centre with China Plate.

Most adults can hold their breath for around forty five seconds and are not normally able to swim below a depth of four metres. Record breaking free divers are capable of holding their breath beyond eight minutes and have swam to a depth of two hundred and fourteen metres. Set high against the skyline of an iconic, city centre building; a world class aerial performer and beautifully dynamic moving image combine to create a synthesis exploring the physical, psychological and metaphysical world of free diving.

Trigger Project

China Plate have solicited projects from some of the UK's most exciting theatre makers with a view to acting as the catalyst that sets them in motion. Literally 'triggering' the process that takes new ideas and makes them a reality by acting as an incubator dedicated to genre-bending collaborations and ambitious new ideas. Trigger supports Warwick Arts Centre's vision of becoming a hub for the development of new work capable of supporting the talents and skills of a range of artists and proactively generating opportunities for in-house production and co-production. As well as providing producing support China Plate will also work with selected artists to build an audience for the work.

Video of the performances at Warwick Arts Centre in July 2011: http://vimeo.com/mrmarkmurphy