[image: Hannah Bruce]

The Price of Admission is a bespoke site-responsive journey made for Darlington, tracking imagination and memory through the streets of the town.

This is a very personal experience for a limited number of people, piloting an innovative approach to interpreting the dramatic history of Darlington’s Market Hall.

3 October 2013, 6.30pm (private performance)

5 October 2013, 6.30pm (public performance)

A private world of exploration and reflection

The Price of Admission experience is a quirky combination of performance and lecture-demonstration, created for Jabberwocky Market using the specially designed TlotT App.

You will be immersed in a private world of exploration and reflection. A personal journey unfolds via a soundtrack which you'll hear using headphones and iPods. Along the way you'll catch glimpses of both physical and imaginary spaces within Darlington’s Town centre.


For more information about Jabberwocky Market, please visit jabberwockymarket.org.uk. To book tickets, please call 07946 134 076 before 4pm on Saturday 5 October 2013.

Creative Team

The Price of Admission has been designed and directed by Hannah Bruce.

The music is composed by Jonathan Eato, and features Simon Goulding (bass), Tom Adams (guitar), and Jonathan Eato (saxophone).

The soundtrack is designed and engineered by Jonathan Eato, and the text incorporated into the recording is written by Hannah Bruce and Matt Morrison. The voices featured in the recording are Hannah Bruce and Helen Longworth.