Sam Lawrence & Sophie Arstall [image: Sarah Dixon]

Audience Feedback

We have shown early versions of the piece, performing informally to an audience on a number of occasions. Here are some anonymous comments from audience members, December 2011 - July 2012.

"I was completely mesmerised... it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up"

"Beautiful. Formed. Cohesive. Sound wrapped around me..."

" was like slowly lowering into a warm bath..."

"...completely captivating."

"Stunning. Very moving and made me feel a whole host of emotions..."

"Good to be involved but not expected the do anything - just right for me to feel good."

"It really was a beautiful experience which enabled me to look at the buildings in a light I had never experienced them in before. When I work in these places it is so easy to traipse up and down corridors and stairs without a though given to the building and it's history. Your very atmospheric and spiritual piece gave me a connection with the architecture and spaces I have never felt before. I loved it."

"I find myself struggling to express adequately how moving I found the performance on Friday. The collage of music, voices, architecture, dance, poetry was wonderful. A really unique experience for me.