[image: Barbican Collage, 2014. Margaux Soland]

Roam the Barbican foyers using headphones to experience this free audio journey, which reframes the sounds and sights of the iconic arts centre.

In the company of elusive characters and their fantastic sound worlds, you’re invited to explore, examine, and reimagine the edgelands of the Barbican, seeking out the extraordinary inside a building famed for its radical design and ambition. Leave day-to-day at the door, and you’ll discover an architecture of other spaces, resounding with the echoes of its Utopian foundations.

Edgelands ran from 23 May 2016 to March 2017.

Practical information

**Breaking news: Edgelands will be remounted at the Barbican in Autumn 2017. Please check back for updates**


Productions credits

Edgelands is an interactive composition, created by Seth Scott in association with Hannah Bruce & Company, and commissioned by the Barbican.

The app was developed through a University of York research grant, and supported by the Department of Music.

For Hannah Bruce & Company:
Hannah Bruce: Artistic Director
Theo Burt: Android Developer
Jonathan Eato: Creative Development
Minyung Im: Video
Helen Longworth: Voice
Dave Malham: Hardware Designer
Matt Morrison: Associate Artist
Peter Worth: iOS Developer

Margaux Soland's image of the Barbican towers used with kind permission. http://margauxsoland.com


Edgelands works via Bluetooth beacons. A network of beacons installed around the Barbican ping your device, triggering content within the Edgelands app once you walk in range. The beacons are one-way transmitters, so cannot track your device – they only broadcast their location. We don’t gather any data from you.